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Learning to Fly

 Every week I send out a newsletter to our member's, it is more like a letter really. This week I started thinking about all the amazing women I have met over the last few years. The opportunities I have been given have arisen from deep meaningful conversations with like-minded business women.  

Now 8 years ago I was so overwhelmed with nerves and self doubt I could never of put myself in the position I am in today.  

I worked with the business coach Jessica Rogers  and she challenged me to approach women in business that I admired. This completely changed the way I felt about myself. I soon realised that the HUGELY successful women I had admired from afar were just like you and I. They have the most incredible stories to share, goals yet to achieve and fears just like us too. 

In my letter I sent to my hub members I set them the challenge to contact a successful business woman that they truly admire and invite them for a coffee. I had lots of lovely reply's from the Mavens as many of them accepted the challenge. One maven has already got a date in her diary!

The word networking is just so hideous but I have learnt over the last 8 years that true authentic networking results in real business and wonderful collaborations. I am genuinely interested when I meet anyone and I love to hear people's stories. I have read so many articles about networking (good & bad) and my conclusions are connections are invaluable when you run your own business. I adore this community we have built up and continue to keep building. When I look through the directory of hub members and read the descriptions I am always totally bowled over by the wealth of knowledge and experience we possess between us all.

If you would like to find out how to join our HUB Community  you can read more HERE


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