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If you are a woman in business and traditional networking is not your thing, you are MOST welcome here.

We are a dynamic, exciting bunch of female entrepreneurs who are all about supporting each other through the good times and the bad. Most of all you will be surrounded by the most inspirational, positive group of women you could ever hope to meet.

We meet online daily but also have a space in real life where we put faces to names.


An incredible group of genuinely supportive women to help you whenever you need it through our private online network group.

"The group is so positive, uplifting and encouraging - it is networking with a difference! In fact, that is what makes it so special and unique .. it is so much more than networking, it's building friendships and a support network that is actually supportive."  



Hayley started Southwood Social Hub a few years ago as she was disillusioned with all the networking events she attended. Although she was often invited as a guest speaker to these events, she usually came away feeling uninspired. Hayley decided to create a safe community where women could draw on each other's knowledge and experience, elevating one another to reach their own goals and dreams faster. The group attracts modern creative, authentic women who are passionate about business and success.

SSH is a community of women from all over the UK, with different backgrounds, knowledge and at different stages of business. We only attract like-minded women who are kind, 
ambitious and ready to elevate one another through a positive mindset. The hub creates incredible opportunities for connections, self development and business growth.

Are you ready to be part of our amazing circle?

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Join our friendly, genuinely supportive, group of inspirational women from all walks of life to gain advice, share your work difficulties and to make friends. Real friends.  For just £20 per month (A coffee and a cake a week!), you gain access to a host of incredible business tools and real time advice.

Be part of our daily network, come to our workshops/events either in person or virtually and know that we all have your back!

We offer FOUR online events every single week at different times of the day to make our community super accessible to all of our members. who are based all over the UK. 

With regular masterclasses there is always something new to learn and discover about running your own business and self development. 

​You will also have access to our private members FB group as well as our members website. 

We offer opportunities to meet up with fellow members every month in real life too.