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Gratitude Lists

I am one of those people that carries way too much in my head. I used to think I wasn't very organised but I now realise that I am but my head just got overloaded. This is definitely one of the biggest lessons I have learnt as I have been running a business solo.

On our members forum I will often ask people to share their successes from the week. It is so funny how we all struggle with this one. 

One of our members said she couldn't think of anything, then remembered she had built her own website !!! I was like WOAH LADY!!!! That is kind of a big deal !!!! 

We are so busy focusing on what we need to do or haven't done that we forget to celebrate our successes. 

I started writing a gratitude list in my bujo last year but had forgotten to continue this habit. The weeks pass by way too fast & before you know it another year has passed. I started to really see the value in smaller accomplishments. Things like spending  time with a friend, a phone call, a beautiful walk with my husband. Things I really treasure but sometimes take for granted. 

This also really helped me in my business life. I felt so much more positive about each day. It's so good to see how far you've come & acknowledge positive achievements. 

I also started looking back on each month to help me focus on new goals rather than feeling I was just drifting. 

Why don't you give it a go? It doesn't have to be on paper, you could add a list in your notes on your phone or iPad. 


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