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Don't put it off!

I have always been impatient & I think it has served me well.

There will NEVER be the perfect time to launch, start that project or even your new business! We can worry and worry until it paralyses us into not actually doing anything. If you have a business idea get on and buy your domain name today. Get your business cards printed and take those first steps to make it a reality. I always find registering the name and opening up all my social media accounts made it feel VERY REAL.

I also think sharing your future goals by putting it out there can really help. Say it out loud to a group of people you trust. We have the most amazing support network through our HUB. We trust each other and TOTALLY GET IT if you know what I mean, but if you are not a member of our community you should tell a friend who you trust and admire. 

To feel inspired I would say my top tip is to be around people who inspire you! Spend time with people who have HUGE dreams too. Friends or connections who believe in the same lifestyle and who totally understand the dream is possible!!!! 

Nothing will be perfect and I have always learnt as I have gone along. This way NOTHING feels like a fail, I don't even spot them anymore. Honestly I know that sounds crazy, but it's TRUE. Life is just too short not to give it a go, we have no time to waste. Making mistakes and learning from them is all part of the fun. I think adapting to your surroundings or your customers is the only way to succeed in this fast paced world of business.


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