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Are you thinking about starting a business?

Are you thinking about starting a new business and don't know how to get going or are just looking for some words of wisdom?

My best advice would be to think about your skill set and think about what you are truly passionate about. If you start your business for a quick buck it might not stick around too long.  I am a firm believer in business from the heart. 

I am not saying you will do that one thing forever, believe me I am about the PIVOT. (I know you can't stop thinking about Ross from friends now can you, haha) But seriously I have grown and adapted my businesses to run alongside my family. As they grew up so did my business. 

I opened up a Nursery School because i was so disapointed with the local childcare on offer for my boys and of course I had the skill set in my pocket as I was a Nursery Nurse back in the day. I had fire in my belly and would get so upset by the quality of childcare on offer that I felt compelled to start my own.  My story doesn't end there as a few of you reading might already know. I have launched several businesses including my shop  & the hub.

Think about what problem you are solving, what are you offering that is different to everyone else out there.

My other tips would be to stay realistic, this is not an easy ride and it all takes time. There will more than likely be tears and frustration along the way. The people you thought would support you the most might not. Don't expect everyone to be as excited as you are about your new business. Find your tribe, people who really understand and don't glaze over as you are sharing your latest milestone or achievement. By having a team of cheerleaders by your side you are less likely to get angry at your loved ones who just don't get it. 

Another tip I would give is to research your business idea over and over, make sure nobody is doing the exact same thing already. No idea is absolutely unique, well there aren't many but is yours different enough? Go back to that thought process of asking yourself if your business will solve a problem for someone. 

When you are ready to get going and have everything in place, use free marketing channels and shout as loud as you can. At this stage you will have to really believe in yourself and convince others to do the same. Self confidence is key and if something doesn't work out, just move on super fast. Don't waste energy worrying about every single tiny detail, you'll get stuck.

Brush yourself off and keep going my lovely. 


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