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Hello August

Dear Mavens,

I hope you are all coping in this heat, oh my goodness I am melting here today hahaha! If you have little ones I hope the juggling isn't too stressful. I got back from my holiday yesterday, a lovely week with my family. Part of me felt a little bit sad if I am totally honest. Watching my boys playing in the pool like kids but the reality is they are young men. My eldest will be 21 next week, I had him at 21 OMG!!! This might be our last summer holiday for a while together, it really felt like we ere entering another new chapter in our lives. Time really does go by too fast doesn't it.... The summer holidays can feel a bit weird for us business owners can't it ? If you are feeling a bit detached from work I think that is OK and we can just give those emotions a nod and plan for a September or just ride out those feelings rather than worrying too much about them. I even feel a bit detached from my friends this time of year, I don't want to wish away the summer but I can feel myself craving normality too. Being self employed is such a head game sometimes. Maybe August is just about stepping back for a minute and appreciating all you have achieved so far.

Sending you all lots of love .... . Hayley x

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