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My Monday Thoughts

Hello you lovely lot !! If you have had children at home over the holidays I hope you are coping with this juggling game. Having my boys home from university is really messing up my routine and I am struggling to keep to my routine. They are home for FIVE WEEKS hahahaha!! x I have spoken lots about knowing our purpose and really thinking about it. It is so good to stop and take some time to think about this. We do so much for our families and loved ones. It is so important to take tie to think about YOU & YOUR purpose. Re-visit what your CORE BELIEFS are and make sure we are still on track. If they have slightly changed being OK with that. I have worked so hard to create a WORK LIFE I love but I personally struggle finding balance sometimes. I struggle to fit everything in. Reminding myself it is really important to exercise and make time for friends. I have decided to block out exercise times in my diary going forward. I feel so much better when I exercise. So my goal this week is to gain some much needed balance. What about you ? x

Love From, Hayley xxx

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