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April Already!

Dear Mavens! How is it April already? Although it could do with warming up a bit right ? I hope you managed to relax a little bit over the Easter Holidays. For those of you still juggling childcare and the holidays , keep going!!! I would like to say a HUGE HELLO to any new members here this week. I'm sure you will love this community, just make sure to keep an eye on the closed FB group and our website too. Please make sure you create yourself a profile page on the website, we use this as our directory and it is the easiest way to connect with each other. You are most welcome to contact each other, hell we really want you to. This community is all about connections, creating collaborations and possibly even friendships. If you have a quick question and want some views, advice or opinions please feel free to pop them in the FB group. If you want a proper chat about something interesting we suggest you use the website as it is really easy for people to find all the threads on there. You can also add a discount for other MAVENS on the the website. This Thursday we have a FB LIVE in both HUBS, so don't forget to have yourself a cup of tea or something stronger and tune in at 8pm! We have the MK MEET up on 30th April here and we have a POP UP at Jojo Humes gorgeous new studio on 27th April too. I will be popping that one online this week. If you live near Suffolk and fancy coming along we would love to see you all. Meet Ups are FREE to members but if you have a friend who would like to come along they can purchase their ticket via my shop at The Scottish Meet Up is in May and is being held in Edinburgh once again and we are soooo excited! Right I am signing off to catch up on all the work that has built up over the weekend. I am sure lots of you are feeling like me today. Where is that monkey emoji when you need it ?? Love Hayley xx

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