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Thanks for listening

Dear Mavens,

How are you all ? Are you coping with the first few weeks back at work? I wanted to write this letter to you this week and give you loads of exciting uplifting vibes but I just can't lie to you all. I have found this week so hard. My sons have both gone back to university. You may of seen my instagram post on my personal account. Although they do my bloody head in and drive me crazy when they are home I have found saying goodbye extra hard this time. I have no idea why I am struggling more this week, maybe because it's only the first time Jake (my youngest) has been home. Maybe this yucky weather I have no idea to be honest. But I am trying extra hard to be a little bit kinder to myself and find a bit of balance. I have purchased two Fearne Cotton books this week, the happy journal and Calm. I have also decided to start my gratitude lists again as I loved looking at last years I actually completed. I did a little post in the FB Group this week asking what you are all struggling with and although there are a lot of similarities, the usual suspects self belief and money rearing their ugly heads. There were also a lot of differences. I think it depends on so many different factors in our lives. Our work environments, our colleagues or lack of, finances, family & friends. But I know one thing for sure and that is when I am feeling overwhelmed and a bit lonely I know you are all there!!!! So thank you for that ladies xx

Love Hayley x

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