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and HOORAY for some sunshine today! I want to wish all of you a very Happy Small Business Day. We are all working so hard, all at different stages of our journeys. The support we have for one another in this group is just incredible. It feels like it has been a week of launches for loads of you. I am so excited to see all of you flying and taking the massive leap of faith to follow your dreams. I know this isn't an easy journey and it never works out the way you think it will. It is all about hard work and never giving up. Yes there will be tears and laughter in the same measure but you will be your own boss, making your own decisions, good and bad! I know just how exhausting it can feel when you have been building up to launch day. I think it can be compared to a pregnancy, the excitement and apprehension. Then you are here left holding the baby with no bloody idea what to do with it. This is when the real hard work begins. There are NO shortcuts, no quick fixes but you have a hub sitting here waiting to help and support you in any way we can. Ask as many questions to the group as you can, contact people and organise collaborations. This is when all the hard networking and relationship building really pays off. This applies to everything in life doesn't it, it won't just happen, you have to make it happen! And BEST of all we have GOT YOUR BACK !!! x Love Hayley x (Please excuse grammar and spelling, I am all about heart & passion NOT PERFECTION)

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