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Welcome to The Hub

Welcome to my first blog post for Southwood Social Hub.  If you are reading this you are probably a creative woman who is self employed or someone who dreams of living the entrepreneurial life. It isn't an easy option for anyone to take. We have highs and lows to cope with on this huge rollercoaster adventure. But it is just that, an adventure!  I believe anybody can succeed !! All you need is dedication & a dose of self belief.  I have always struggled with loneliness. Being self employed can be a lonely experience. Even when you have supportive partners or friends, they don't seem to quite 'get it' . Out of my loneliness and love of people I created the hub. We meet online everyday. People use it as much or as little as they want or need.  Out of real networking we build relationships & do real business with together. You can read all about some of these on our testimonial page. 

This blog is going to be the place I share success stories, huge failings, business tips and ramblings!  I do ramble on quite a lot !!!! 

Love Hayley x 


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