The Highs, The Lows, The Realities & The Lessons Learned.

Written By : Donna Tweedale

Oh. A ''New Year, New You '' post. I feel your eye roll's hun. Stand down. That isn't what this is.

What it is however; Is a post that brings you some incredible women. Whether they be at the top of their game or on the cusp of a new venture. As Women in business, they're talking openly and honestly. And, they're talking to You.

Allow me to make the introductions...

Hollie De Cruz


Hollie founder of London Hypnobirthing and creator of the YesMum cards. Should you follow Hollie on her Instagram you'll be familiar with her succinct and calming manner. Hollie's understanding of women and her passion to empower women is incredible.

Steph Douglas


Steph. Founder of Don't Buy Her Flowers, A Huge supporter of women.

A successful business woman who speaks so openly, sharing her vulnerabilities

and experiences openly, from business to mother hood, she absolutely has your back.

Hayley Southwood


Hayley. Founded Southwood Social Hub to create a safe community where women in

business at various levels and experience can really empower each other. And that's

not just a buzz word heavy strap line, Hayley busts her ass to make sure women within

the hub have confidence, the knowledge to encourage them to push themselves and

achieve what they want to achieve.

Jemma Cox


Jemma is a talented floral designer who is expanding her business this Spring to

launch a beautifully curated houseplant store. Her Instagram full of wit as well as gorgeous floral arrangements.

Fiona Grayson


Talented writer Fiona, uses her website as a platform to share the incredible stories

of Women in business. With each interviewee Fiona takes it old school and conducts the

interview in person so you read each feature you really feel like you've pulled up a pew and you`re right there with them.

We've got a lot to cover, so let's just get straight in there.

Y'know the much coveted saying ''What would Beyoncé Do?''. Surely she has day's where she's like. ''Y'know what. Just No. I don't know think I can. '' I mean, she's a business force, she has a 24hr team of support. Sure. but she's also a Woman. A Mother of 3. Under a lot of pressure to 'Be Beyonce' All of the time.