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Tips for start ups

Dear Mavens,

I have started started six small businesses over the past 20 years mostly to fit around my family and bringing up my boys. I have always been passionate about creating a job that you love and making sure it works for you and your lifestyle. I truly believe you are in control of this and can pivot to suit your own needs. The world is FULL of opportunities and it took me a while to really see that clearly. I started to see what I had been doing for years before I even realised myself when I started having business coaching. I started to actually recognise that I was an entrepreneur. I had never even heard of that word in my twenties, I just did what I had to to make money around our young family. I don't see anything as a failure, just a learning! I know you might find that hard to believe but I am serious. I just don't get hung up on the small stuff, I just see how it evolves and adjust as I go. I actually love the way nothing stays the same.

My top tips // 1) Set yourself goals- I find this vital for me! Don't look around- stay focused on what YOU want to achieve. 2) Be honest with yourself, do you want a lifestyle business or a mega huge empire! 3) Use your skill set and think about outsourcing the bits you don't like or are not your strong points. 4) Make your business suit your life not the other way round 5) Do something that makes you feel good 6) Be around people that understand and don't get too upset with old friends when they are not as excited as you. Starting anew business is a bit like a pregnancy to me. You can be obsessed but your friends are happy for you but just not on the same level. 7) Be prepared to evolve and tune into what your customers are asking for. Basically I am saying look at where the demand is and adjust your business to suit as you go along. 8) Do loads of research before you launch! 9) Find your USP, what will make you stand out 10) Ask questions in the hub, don't feel embarrassed !! We all feel the same when we first start but nobody knows everything and that is OK. Love Hayley x

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