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Catch Up

Happy Monday lovely ladies! I need to start off with apologising for not sending you all a newsletter in a while. My head was so full of the MEGA MEET UP that I couldn't think past that for a few months if I am honest. It was such an amazing day and over exceeded all my expectations, you can read Donna's lovely blog post HERE The idea of the MEGA MEET was to get as many mavens together as possible and in one room. A chance to meet people you may of only spoken to online and maybe people you didn't know at all. It was also a showcase of a few of our mavens amazing skills and knowledge with our fabulous workshops. It will definitely be an annual event and I would like to make it BIGGER next year.

We move house in 4 weeks time eeek but I am busy planning events and workshops. There is a FB advertising workshop here by Helen Bainbridge on 1st Noveember. Origami Est workshop on 10th November We have a POP UP MEET in Surrey on 21st November at Jo Love Hair studio. We have a SUPPER CLUB here on 23rd November Festive Fun Porcelain Painting 1st December Origami Christmas Stars 1st December Porcelain Painting 3rd December Meet ups are FREE to members and you can reserve your space in the members area on the hub website.

If you fancy doing a FB LIVE please just drop me a line and we will get you booked in! Sending you all lots of love .... . Hayley x

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