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Let's get creative

Well it feels like we are hitting Autumn now doesn't it. I can feel a chill in the air and I am thinking about boots, so I know it is on it's way for sure !!! hahaha I am guessing a lot of your children will be going back to school next week and you may be starting to think a bit more about your business. I don't know why but even I feel a burst of energy running up to September. I wonder if it is just the historical preparing for a fresh school year mentality, buying new felt tips and a new pencil case etc. Even typing that kind of excites me, I hope too many of you didn't just eye roll. I have been thinking about work flow lots, we had a hot-desker here last week and we got chatting about the way us business owners work. I think it's really OK to sometimes just go with the flow. Take a break when you are not in the right head space. We cannot be at our A Game all of the time and that is OK too. I also think some of the things that help us think more creatively are so valuable and we don't always give them enough credit. I think when you are self employed we beat ourselves up about everything including allocating our time but it's all those incidental conversations that may lead us to new contacts or experiences and most importantly spark some creative thoughts. Sending you all lots of love .... . Hayley x

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