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Top Tips on how to use SSH

Dear Mavens,

I am so sorry this weeks newsletter is arriving in your inbox at the end of the week. I really like to pop in on a Monday to give you all a bit of inspiration but to be honest I have struggled this week. I have no idea what was wrong with me, Paul was working away in Qatar and the boys were driving me mental. I drove to Bristol to speak at the fabulous Freelancer Mum event ran by our member Faye Dicker. It was so lovely and they made me so welcome but I have been totally exhausted all week. Anyway enough of all that .... our amazing community is different things to different people. To me it is support on a down day, an honest conversation, an opinion I want to hear, friendships. But I know you all have different experiences, so I got thinking 'What tips would you give to a new member on how to use the hub?'

I asked the question in the hub yesterday and the replies were so valuable I decided to pop them on a newsletter so we can all read them and go back to them when we need a reminder.

Jemma Cox I think you get out of the hub what you put into it. The biggest thing is making yourself known. Comment on posts and get involved. It won't take long before you start connecting with people and opportunities arise. Definitely be brave and reach out to people for a coffee morning. I've met Mavens outside of the hub and not only does it help ease the solo working blues but you'll be surprised at how motivated you feel after. Go to hub meet won't be able to hear a thing but Jesus you'll feel alive when you leave. Find reason and opportunity to collaborate. Shout about victories in the group however small. Not only will the response give you a buzz but it might inspire or motivate someone else. Get it off your chest if you're having a super non-productive down day. Don't stew. Everyone is always great at giving virtual hugs and you'll be surprised at how quickly the mist lifts Anna Cascarina Solidarity, friendship, advice, knowledge, connections, support. It’s amazing xx Helen Miller As I near my 1st year as a Maven (Anniversary Party?! ) these are my tips: Get to a Maven Meet Up, go to a workshop at the Hub, engage on this here FB Page, DO A LIVE (!), follow and engage with gorgeous Mavens on their Social Accounts, be real to your fellow Mavens and don’t be afraid to ask a question, send a hug, be happy for others successes - because my goodness, these gals are so happy when it’s your success too Have a wonderful week !!! x Helen Bainbridge Get involved!! Engage with conversations on people's posts, watch other people's FB LIVES and ask questions, ask other members to meet for a coffee, support other mavens on here and on Insta, post on here with ANY question at all - someone in here always has a solution and if they don't, the support you'll feel is unlike anywhere else Jenni Retourné Be active on this facebook group! If you are active then people will start to recognise your name - there's a lot of names to try and remember! Always @ tag your business name in your posts/comments where possible - it's easy to forget who does what. Help others - respond to people's requests for help/advice if you can. People will do the same in return when you need it. Ask questions! The hub is your team (a lot of us don't have a team) so ask questions, big or small - there is a wealth of experience within the hub. Go to meet ups - this is where deeper connections are made. Do a FB live so that people can better understand what you offer x June Glackin Be brave... pull on them big girl pants and brave it... ask questions ... make connections... I bloody love the hub... it's led me to some amazing opportunities... I only promised myself this morning that I am going to schedule "maven minutes" into my working day as i often miss posts....or... spend a whole day on it. The hub has been invaluable to me ... mavens ... I bloody love you ladies x x x Clare Mullarkey Get involved, especially with conversations in here, supporting people’s successes and down days, follow everyone on social media and interact. Ask questions (nothing’s silly). Trust everyone and know that this is a safe place x Jessica Rogers Coaching Speak up. Share your knowledge, ask questions, get to the meet ups and supper clubs! Most of all remember that this is a safe, productive and supportive space, don’t be afraid to use it! Xx Thank you for all your words you lovely lot!!! x Have a wonderful weekend Love Hayley x

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