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Monday 7th May

Dear Mavens! How beautiful is this weather ? I had a 121 session today with a lovely client. She said she had been really nervous to come along today. The lovely lady was a little apprehensive as she is launching an interiors store. I think she had faced so many negative vibes when she had approached other retailers. We talked about 'being sensible' and it is all about common sense. I am genuinely friends with lots of retailers and of course lots of you are in this community. Being friendly, helpful competition is a great thing. Being ripped off is totally different!! It is also hard to vocalise what that means isn't it ? But my point is always that we are all so different, even if you are inspired by someone else it is all about putting your own twist on things, hell make it better! It's all about being authentic and doing what you really believe in ! Not one person has exactly the same core values, so no one business will ever be exactly the same. I had a meeting today with our Maven Samantha Poole from MK Mum to Mum. Now Sam runs a networking community in my own town but we couldn't be more different. We serve totally different communities and our profile customer is completely different. You would be forgiven if you thought why is Hayley allowing other networking leaders in our hub. We actually have a few others I can proudly introduce you too. We have the lovely Fiona who is also based in MK & of course the amazing Kate from Cheltenham. These girls are all incredible busines women with a completely different USP from me and I am truly honoured they wanted to become a Maven! What makes me really sad is when people just think they can steal/borrow your ideas and nobody will know about it. Actually I would rather not know to be honest..... So the moral of this sunny Tuesday letter is JUST BE YOURSELF .... xx because you are bloody incredible just the way you are!!!

Love Hayley xx

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