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Comfort Zones

Dear Mavens,

Happy Monday.! Today I have been thinking loads about being out of my comfort zone. When i lost my Mum I was totally and utterly thrown upside down. Being so far out of my normal comfort zone taught me load. I lost any fear, maybe too much, I am not sure! I know I would not being doing what I am today if that didn't happen I think it is so important to push ourselves out of our comfort zones at least once a week. It doesn't always have to be a massive thing. Trying a new activity, food or being around people we feel a little unsure of. When our eyes are opened we learn so much more and we experience amazing things!

Sometimes it is good to take time, step back and really think about our lives. Are you being pushed, challenged, are you growing ? Even as I type these words it excites me, but I wasn't always like this. I was scared of my own shadow. As most of you know I was petrified to get on a train to London and public speaking OMG !!! But after working with Jessica Rogers for years.she has helped me to manage those fearful emotions. I could of so easily just avoided these things and limited my own growth. One thing Shaneen and I have always been comfortable with is the word FAILURE. When we started our blog years ago we decided if it didn't work out we would have learnt loads from the experience. With that mindset our blog turned out hugely successful and we never looked back. We just used every little project as a stepping stone to the next project. Nothing is forever and that is OK!

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