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Feels like Monday

Claire and I are back in the office today catching up and it really feels like a Monday. Last Monday we launched SSH Scotland. We were totally bowled over by the number of attendees. It really was a room full of exciting, vibrant women.

The fabulous SooUK was our host and we couldn't stop drawling over her incredible interiors. Your current membership is £20 a month, if you would like to upgrade to two hubs it will cost an additional £10 a month. Just drop us an email and we will help you out

Yesterday we had our second London meet up. We held it at Allbright, the first women's member club in London. Our maven Paula is head of PR for Elizabeth Arden and brought along the fabulous Oxygen Blast Facial.

Thank you so much to all of you that came along to any of the Meet Ups, they were so bloody amazing. I am still on a high. One of the conversations I have had quite a few times recently has been about approaching people. Many of us wear several hats, juggling making/designing, selling, marketing etc etc. It can be a tricky juggling act. Being our own PR can also be a tough but I really believe instagram has really changed things for us all. In the good old days we had to mail shot so many people to get noticed. Literally bang on the door. But nowadays we have the luxury of being able to approach people direct. Many editors have their own instagram accounts and manage them themselves. I would say pick the social media platform they have less followers on , so it is always worth checking out their twitter too! Be sure not to become annoying though! I always contact people a couple of times, if I don't get a response after my second possibly third attempt I give up! I also always ask people to meet me for a coffee. I used to feel petrified that I wasn't good enough but I will never forget Sarah Spence telling me that many journalists are just happy to escape the office for half hour. This has stuck with me for years! We have lots of exciting Meet Ups coming up in April so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our website or for tickets and information. Love Hayley x

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