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December thoughts..

Dear Mavens,

Happy Saturday you gorgeous lot! How are you all holding up this week? I hope you are not feeling too overwhelmed with it all. This time of year running your own business, juggling family and planning a Christmas can all get too much for lots of us I really hope you can take a bit of time off over the Christmas period to spend time with your loved ones. I also love taking a break so I can reflect on the year and make plans for the coming one. I have found retail really hard this year. I am having to work soooo much harder than ever before in this climate but I think it's a good thing. Well that is how I feel today hahahaha!! I have been busy making plans for my shop and I am getting excited. I am sharing this with you all today because I think there will be lots of us in the same position. The economic situation this year has has been tough and I don't think it would be fair to say it hasn't. I really believe it is this climate that tests us all and of course it won't just be retailers feeling the squeeze. These are the periods of business that will set us all apart though. We have to think harder, smarter and be more resilient than ever!!! If I am really honest this excites me .... I am planning to do more Focus Group Meets here at the hub next year to brainstorm ideas together. Last year we did a couple and I personally found them so helpful. For people that live too far away we can hook you in using the google hangout system which is super easy to use!

I will drop you a line next week but for now now I hope you are having a fab day xx Love Hayley x

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