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Hello Mavens

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Last week was mega busy for me, I got to meet some lovely mavens. I love it when I get to spend my time with you women, I always leave feeling inspired and energised to work harder.

I also attended a Pinterest workshop organised by Anna from ToyDrop.

You hopefully have noticed that we are really pushing the website this week. It has so many fabulous offerings for us all to get stuck into. Sarah has made us a walk through tutorial of how to use the site to its full advantage. I have pinned the video on our Facebook group so you can all watch it anytime.

You all need to create a profile, this makes it really easy for us to get to know each other and our businesses.

There is also a section called 'Coffee & Chat' this area is great for conversations between groups of members. For example, all the writers in the group may have specific things they want to chat about etc, I have started a few threads to kick things off and give us a little example of how it all works. I also like the idea of threads being literally a coffee break area. If you are having a lonely moment and just need a chat, just start a thread and watch people hop on !!! The great thing is these threads will also be much easier to find. Sometimes on FB conversations are so fast moving, things get lost or missed.

This week the lovely Donna wrote a blog post for SSH. It was so heartwarming to read what SSH means to so many of you & how this amazing community has helped so many women on their personal business journey.


We have a MEET UP this Thursday at Vicky's house in London 12-2pm. You can check out all the info HERE.

We then have a SUPPER CLUB on Friday night


4TH December is the BIG MEET UP at the HUB.

5TH December - Christmas MEET in Cheltenham (Please contact Jenni for info)

Hope to see your chat online very soon xx

Love H x

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