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Dear Mavens,

I LOVE MONDAYS... a fresh week of opportunity! I have had two meetings this morning with hub members and popped a little video on our closed Facebook page. The running theme of conversation has been how we are a positive community.

Life isn't always easy and things don't always go to plan but it's how you react that counts. I also think hanging out with our hub team online makes me feel super inspired. Listening to your stories ups and downs reminds me that we are all in this together! In my little video this morning I talk about not feeling overwhelmed when you first enter the FB group. Remember to ask for HELP and connect with other people in a similar position as you. I am always blown away by your generosity and if you are feeling a bit shy just remember that we are all in this together. If you are part of this hub you are part of a team. We have all signed up to the same thing here. There is no need to feel overwhelmed. We all have different skills to offer one another. I am such an 'emotional business owner' to me my decisions have to sit right in my heart as well as my head. The most amazing thing about real networking and real connections is will always result in real business leads that feel good. This morning one of the ladies I met asked how we manage to find like-minded women who are all so positive. In truth I don't really know , I think the people who join and fit in stay and the people who don't get us just move on I guess. I think as women we have an amazing ability to help each other, share knowledge and make each other 'FEEL' good!!! These are definitely the type of business women I want surround myself with. Hope you all have a FAB week and if you have not posted in the group for a while, I DARE YOU to give it a go xx LOVE H xx

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