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This week at the HUB!

Dear Mavens,

Happy Monday lovely ladies xx I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are raring to go this week! I survived speaking at the Festival of Marketing on Thursday, in fact I LOVED IT !!! This week at the HUB is going to be super FUN! We have a physical meet up on Friday, tickets are FREE to members so please just come along. If you want to bring a non-member they can purchase a ticket HERE. The meet up is 10am-12pm followed by PITCH CLUB. This will be our second round of Pich Club and it went so well last time. Basically we all pop £5 in the pot, people pitch why they need the cash and we all vote for a winner! EASY as THAT! Only members are allowed to pitch but anyone can stay and listen. This is a great way to raise some funds and always a great way to raise your profile amongst the group. The winner of the last Pitch Club was Julia from Julia is saving up to open a Pop Up Shop. If you are going to pitch would you just drop me a line so I have a rough idea of who is doing it. You can decide on the day too of course. Saturday we have the lovely Steph from Flat102 hosting a 'Screen Printing Workshop'. You can grab a ticket HERE if you fancy giving it a try!

If you fancy hosting a workshop at the HUB do drop us a line and we can discuss further. It is a great way to raise your profile, share skills and make revenue. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOP TIPS FOR USING THIS HUB Be vocal - Share your knowledge - Be friendly - Engage Participate in conversations in our closed FB group. The more your name is noticed, the more people will get to know you. Then when a job or an opportunity arises you will be the first person they think of! Contact us if you fancy doing a FB LIVE, arrange a coffee with other members who live close to you. We have started the new system on the website where we can all add our own profile page, have a read and see what you have in common and reach out! Ask for help If you are struggling with something ask for help! We all need a helping hand and trading our expertise is a great thing to do. Sometimes we might just need a fresh pair of eyes to overlook an email or a new design etc. Collaboration Put yourself forward to work on collaborations .. we are so much stronger together ladies!! This can be in so many ways, an Instagram competition, products for events, goody bag ideas, business cards left in each others stores. This list could go on and on here... By putting yourself forward you will get noticed!! Support each other On the 'Sunday Social' try really hard to connect and get social. This will increase your networking circle and real interactions are always the best way forward! See you all soon lovely friends xx Love H x

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