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Public Speaking, facing the fear!

Dear Mavens,

Happy Monday lovely ladies xx I am speaking at this event on Thursday and I just wanted to acknowledge how far I have come with public speaking personally. About 8 years ago when I used to be invite to speak at events where i felt totally uninspired and unconnected to the types of audiences I was facing! I used to break into a sweat and the words on the paper would crawl. It was just hideous!

Photo by @portjess from the Social Butterflies event in Bristol . After launching the hub I knew I needed to spread the word and I really wanted to. I have been successfully speaking at events for the past two years and it is so empowering being able to put my pitch forward to a room full of people. Sharing my story is so important to my business and brand. I know lots of you will be highly experienced when it comes to public speaking but for others it is a completely new experience. I thought it might be interesting to share some of my ways I got over the fear. I try really hard to remind myself that the audience is already interested in my story. I am always really honest and tell my story like it has never been heard before. I think back to a teacher that always said to write a story with no assumptions. Imagine you are telling it for the first time! I am really conscious to not use filler words like 'erm' or 'like'. Making eye contact with a few people in the audience is really good too. I try really hard to actually enjoy the process nowadays. I love it when I actually feel connected with my audience. Whenever I drive to an event I also remember the words of Jessica Rogers. Jess once told me to imagine my nerves strapped in the car next to me in the passenger seat. I use this technique all the time now. I fully acknowledge the nerves but know that are not attached to me, they are just riding next to me. This really works for me !! The truth and biggest tip I can give is to keep doing it. The more often you do it the less nervous you are. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOP TIPS FOR USING THIS HUB Be vocal - Share your knowledge - Be friendly - Engage Participate in conversations in our closed FB group. The more your name is noticed, the more people will get to know you. Then when a job or an opportunity arises you will be the first person they think of! Contact us if you fancy doing a FB LIVE, arrange a coffee with other members who live close to you. We have started the new system on the website where we can all add our own profile page, have a read and see what you have in common and reach out! Ask for help If you are struggling with something ask for help! We all need a helping hand and trading our expertise is a great thing to do. Sometimes we might just need a fresh pair of eyes to overlook an email or a new design etc. Collaboration Put yourself forward to work on collaborations .. we are so much stronger together ladies!! This can be in so many ways, an Instagram competition, products for events, goody bag ideas, business cards left in each others stores. This list could go on and on here... By putting yourself forward you will get noticed!! Support each other On the 'Sunday Social' try really hard to connect and get social. This will increase your networking circle and real interactions are always the best way forward! I am so excited to welcome September into my life and get going again !!! Who's with me ??? See you all soon lovely friends xx Love H x

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