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Finding our mojo again!

Dear Mavens,

I am really struggling to keep motivated this summer, my boys are older as most of you already know so I am not sure what my excuse is. But two teenage boys never really going to bed and eating us out of house and home has unsettled the rhythm in our house. I just feel like we should all be at home watching movies and chilling out! They both go off to university in a few weeks time and I know we will struggle again to readjust to our house being so quiet. I am going to miss them so much but I am looking forward to a routine again I must admit! No matter how old they are summer holidays are still disrupting and I am sure if you have little children it is a thousand times harder! I feel beyond lucky to have my team by my side to get me through (YOU LADIES). Being self employed is a complete roller coaster, emotionally and financially! HANDS UP if you feel the same!!! I thought today would be a good day to talk about how to get the best from hub for each of us. I have been chatting to a few members last week and it was so interesting to hear what they felt they get from this community. The most common word used was 'support', which I loved hearing! My core values have always been the same no matter which business I have owned and they are to live the happiest life you can. After losing my Mum so young and knowing she had not for-filled her potential and not reached her own life goals I was determined to live a happy life. I vowed never to do a job I didn't love or be in a relationship (friends or partner) that didn't make me feel happy. Today my life is FULL of riches, experiences and friends I love, people who lift my soul and make me feel good about life. This bloody amazing community is like an extended family to me and my own personal measure is 'If I die tomorrow I am truly happy and living a FULL, rich life'. I believe every single woman deserves a happy life and our own personal skill set of experiences and qualifications allows us to create and shape our own future! I of course am under no illusions that the ride isn't easy and we need to make brave, bold choices. But we are in this together!

TOP TIPS FOR USING THIS HUB Be vocal - Share your knowledge - Be friendly - Engage Participate in conversations in our closed FB group. The more your name is noticed, the more people will get to know you. Then when a job or an opportunity arises you will be the first person they think of! Contact us if you fancy doing a FB LIVE, arrange a coffee with other members who live close to you. We have started the new system on the website where we can all add our own profile page, have a read and see what you have in common and reach out! Ask for help If you are struggling with something ask for help! We all need a helping hand and trading our expertise is a great thing to do. Sometimes we might just need a fresh pair of eyes to overlook an email or a new design etc. Collaboration Put yourself forward to work on collaborations .. we are so much stronger together ladies!! This can be in so many ways, an Instagram competition, products for events, goody bag ideas, business cards left in each others stores. This list could go on and on here... By putting yourself forward you will get noticed!! Support each other On the 'Sunday Social' try really hard to connect and get social. This will increase your networking circle and real interactions are always the best way forward! I am so excited to welcome September into my life and get going again !!! Who's with me ??? See you all soon lovely friends xx Love H x

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