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Dear Mavens,

It has been so busy here at the hub over the past few weeks. I have been guest speaker at quite a few events, which I have loved. We have had so many fabulous workshops run by mavens, attended by mavens. So cool to see a massive share of knowledge occurring!! I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new members this month. We are asking you all to send a headshot of yourself to I am making a huge wall display of your faces on our office wall. We talk a lot about learning to say 'No' but this week I wanted to talk to you all about accepting no. Let's be honest nobody likes rejection especially in business when we think we have had an amazing idea. I have had loads of people say no to me over the years and I have learnt to accept it gracefully. It always shocks me when I get an annoyed reply via an email when I have had to say no to someone. It is so frustrating when we get a big fat NO but we need to remember that you don't want to burn bridges for the future. Even if you are hugely disappointed I would say to reply with nothing but positivity. I think a good way to respond would be 'I am disapointed we are not a fit this time but I will continue to follow your progress and hope we will connect in the future' The more established you become in your business the more important this will become. it is a real skill that you will need to acquire to stay in business. NOBODY likes rejection but we have to learn from it, brush it off and move on!!

love Hayley xx

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