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July 8th... Newsletter from Hayley

Dear Mavens,

if you are new to the HUB massive welcome to you. These newsletters are more like a personal rambling from my heart> i kind of hope that a few of you might identify with some of my ramblings as we are all self employed women facing similar challenges and joys on this roller coaster. How is it July so soon? Seriously I just don't know where the weeks are going. I often find myself asking people, "what day is it today?" I absolutely love having a full, interesting diary of meetings. Whether it be teaching 121 sessions with clients, networking events, running my shop or out sourcing new products. I struggle to be still. I get bored really easily and I like it this way. But I have a holiday coming up and I am filled with dread if I am honest. i know you are probably rolling your eyes or thinking I am totally crazy. I have a real problem with switching off and I am not joking! I find myself longing for a day off and then when it arrives I find myself getting a bit moody with my husband as we have nothing planned. Poor Paul, he has suffered for years! I buy a pile of business and self help books at the airport every single year, I must admit I do find holidays are great for coming up with new ideas and plans. My husband works really hard too and he is VERY different from me. He longs for 2 weeks to chill out and not move on a sun lounger. I am not sure how the poor boy copes with me to be honest but we make it work. If any of you are in retail you will also know that August is not a good time for selling. I really struggle with my emotions, i am not sure why I feel so low as I know it will be coming. It's quite funny because when Shaneen and I used to blog together we would have very similar feelings of stress but at different times of the year. Shaneen's August as a photographer would feel like my December and then we would flip round again obviously. Learning to accept the highs and the lows when you have those peaks is a tricky one and I really hope one day I will get to grips with it...... maybe one day!!! On the subject of managing our emotions we have a wonderful guest post by our very own Amanda Coles. Amanda owns I find hypnotherapy really interesting, not that I know very much about it but I know it works. I have several friends who have used it and it really worked for them. Amanda's blog post is all about Mental Wellbeing so feels so relevant to this little letter this morning! Let me know your thoughts on her post too.... Have a good week ladies xx Love Hayley x

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