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Live Your Life

Dear Mavens,

I hope you are all enjoying this gorgeous sunshine !! What a weekend huh !! As I drove down to Cheltenham on Thursday to be the guest speaker at an event I listened to the radio. Cried a few times as I have all week. The horrific event that occurred on Monday has been in my head all week as I am sure it has been for you too. But as I cried i felt an overwhelming feeling that I am so bloody lucky to be ALIVE!! There is no time to waste and worry. I have had several meetings this week with various amazing women and the one underlying factor that rises it's ugly head is how much people lack confidence. As you all know I love a quote and this one sticks in my head 'You are your only limit'. So many people get frustrated and upset that their business is not moving forward fast enough but when you look at it another way it all comes down to self belief! I really encourage you to do one scary thing in the month of June. Something that really makes your tummy flip! If I don't feel nervous I know I am not pushing myself hard enough!! It is so good to step out of your comfort zone. Why don't you think about doing a FB LIVE or a 60 second pitch in the HUB?, tell us who you are and what you do. By putting yourself forward you will create amazing opportunities and don't forget my challenge to you last week to email or message someone who inspires you in business. Invite them for a coffee and a chat, they can only say NO! You have nothing to lose! Love Hayley x

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