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Happy Monday As the Easter holidays are upon us or fast approaching I just wanted to drop you a line and remind you all to be extra kind to yourselves. I know many of you will be juggling children and work over the next few weeks. I would say try not to commit to events or play dates if you know this will cause you extra stress! When my boys were little I used to find it really hard to say no to other Mums or friends. I would often put their needs before those of my own family. Your priorities will change over the next few weeks and that is OK!! I would also say try and log off for a few days if you can. I often find taking a break really helps me look at my business with fresh eyes and new ideas have room to flood my brain. Tonight is my second LIVE Q&A at 8.30pm, during the first session I answered questions about Social Media but, after a bit of feedback at one of our 'Focus Meet Ups' a few people mentioned that they wanted to learn more about me. So tonight is your chance to ask me anything!!!!

This week's 'Focus Meet Up' is just going to be a general meet up. We have named it 'Hustle' and you will be able to reserve your place through our new website There are only 10 tickets up for grabs!! The Meet up will be 10.30am-12.30pm.

Love Hayley x (Please excuse grammar and spelling, I am all about heart & passion NOT PERFECTION)

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