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New Chapters

Written By : Donna Tweedale

In true Hayley fashion, she's taken the opportunity that life has presented to her in moving home to initiate big changes within her businesses. Starting the new year with the beautiful re branding, and the shift in direction of Southwood Living. recognising how online shopping habits are changing and reacting to that thinking of pushing her business forward. Hayley really is putting into practice the term we associate with her advice 'Pivot'. Taking change and rolling with it. And in turn, alongside Southwood Living these changes are already making a hugely positive impact on the Hub. It's a time to embrace exciting new chapters.

The stunning space that is Hayley's home is ready to welcome mavens into it's bosom. There are some fantastic opportunities approaching to meet with each other, get creative and support one another. Situated in Little Horwood only 15 minutes from Milton Keynes train station, which has efficient routes in and out of London the hub it's very accessible.

Appreciating the power of getting women in business together, with the relaxed approach to networking and collaboration that we have all experienced the hub is organising, through April some smaller meet up's to offer more flexibility there is the option to come along in the early evening. This is at the moment a trial to gauge how they work. If you'd like to register to attend one of the dates available please do so through the website.

In addition to these, if there are a cluster of mavens in a specific area there'll be the prospect of a 'Pop-Up' Meet up. Which if Milton Keynes, London or Edinburgh is tricky for you to travel to, these meet ups can come to you. To host one of these get in touch with Hayley. They're a fantastic way to share your space and local area with other Mavens.

London and Edinburgh meet ups continue to be held every other month and are proving to be hugely popular and successful in both the connections made and incredible atmosphere you girls create.

The buzz created within the popular brainstorming sessions is back, with a focus for each session you can make sure you attend the session that you feel applies to you, with where you're craving fresh eyes and new ideas. As we see regularly within the Facebook group and the Coffee & Chat threads on the site, you Mavens are such a generous bunch with your creative juices and so these sessions are hugely valuable to the Hub for all of us. A fresh viewpoint or a seed planted of an idea can be all it takes to give you the encouragement you need to take forward into your business.

The new creative space of the Hub is ideal for workshops. The table, while intimate enough to encourage conversation and play host to the much anticipated supper clubs it still has plenty of workspace available for the hands on interactive workshops. If you'd like to host a workshop within this space get in touch.

Grab your diaries girls, There are some incredible events to be hosted by the hub in the coming weeks.

For details for the Hub meet ups for each month, please contact Hayley or refer to the members area of the site to register your space.


Saturday 13th April 10am - 1pm - Scandi Trinket Shelf Workshop with Nikkita Palmer - Tickets are available through Nikkita's website directly

Thursday 25th April 10.30am - 12.30pm- iPhone Workshop with Shaneene Cox - Tickets are available through Shaneen directly.


Monday 20th May 10.30am - 1pm - Workshop with Sarah Porter of Porter & Brawn - Tickets are available through Sarah's website directly.


Saturday 7th September 10am - 4pm - Flowerball Workshop with Origami Est with Esther - Tickets are available through Esther's website directly.

Be sure to regularly check the site for new events to be announced to register your attendance girls.


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