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Let's Catch Up

Dear Mavens,

Hello you lovely lot !! I hope you are all ready for the week ahead. If you are new here 'Hello and Welcome'. If you are looking for new connections in business you have come to the right place. SSH is full to the brim with passionate business women who are authentic. There is no bullshit here, we share the realities of being female business owners. We are all on different stages of our career path and nobody claims to know EVERYTHING! Blimey imagine being one of those closed minded types YUK! We share our knowledge here and nobody is scared to stand up and say 'I have no idea about blah'. SSH is full of positive, big thinkers, women you want in your life! I hope you've all had a chance to explore our website by now but if you haven't you will need a bit of time. You will find everyone's profile on there, information about each member and ways you can contact each other. We actively encourage you to meet up with each other. We really want you to connect with each other in a way that works best for you! You will also find back dated newsletters, blog posts and the amazing discount page where MAVEN's offer each other great deals. You will also find 'Coffee & Chat' area. Here you can add links to your latest blog posts, things you think other mavens might find interesting such as business articles etc. You are of course able to start a thread on anything you fancy there too! Threads are easier to find on our website, so it's worth sharing content there as well as on our closed FB group page. Woah let's just talk about that for a second too, it is a hive of activity, full of our members sharing in a big way!!!! We love it over there!!! We ask that you all remember that anything shared is highly confidential. You will have your membership revoked if these policies are broken. Although we are an online networking community I do try really hard to provide opportunities to meet up in real life too. We have many workshops provided by our mavens themselves. You can see what is going on via my store but our member only events can be found on our SSH website. So here's wishing you all a super productive week !! Love From, Hayley xxx

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