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Happy Monday Mavens

I hope you are feeling energised today & ready for the week ahead. I am feeling so much better this week. I have to be really honest I really struggled with the beginning of this year. I think feeling pressured by myself to be amazing at the start of a new year is a bit overwhelming and so silly. Hey we are cooking up new ideas all year round but the pressure of social media telling us we need to be extra amazing was a bit much for me this year! BUT thank goodness those feelings have melted away and I am now feeling my old self again. Energised and raring to go!!! This community is just the BEST and feeling safe is so important to me. Being able to say when things are tough as well as when they are going great is vital to me & I am truly grateful to you all xx Well last week was the first meet of 2018 and how bloody fabulous was it!! It was so lovely to see so many of you and some new people who came along as guests. If the Milton Keynes meet ups are too far away we LOVE popping up near you. We are having an Edinburgh meet up in March at Soo Uk's studio and one in Suffolk at JoJo Humes lovely new studio in April. If you have a space and would like to host a meet up we are really happy to get this organised just drop us a line. I am sooooo excited that Erica Wolfe Murray is coming to the hub on the 2nd Feb. I met Erica when I attended one of her workshops at Soho House a few months ago. You may recall me getting really excited about it. It was just so interesting and it got me thinking about various revenue streams etc. With the roles of design agency creative head and FD of an award-winning TV production company on her CV, Erica Wolfe-Murray happily spins between intense creativity and financial re-modelling for her clients. Throw some imaginative innovation across IP and legal frameworks into the mix, and you have the recipe for building growth and long-term resilience. With over 200 creative and tech clients to her name in the last five years alone, Erica helps your business thrive in ways you never anticipated. The workshop that Erica is holding here is for freelancers, start-ups and small businesses No matter what your business, you have the ability to come up with innovative ideas that put you ahead of the game.Whether you want to grow, develop new products, services or simply make yourself more profitable, innovation/IP expert Erica Wolfe-Murray will show you some easy-to-use tips and tools to make 2018 your best year yet. You can buy your ticket HERE or read more info etc. This is definitely one I can highly recommend and is really affordable at £35 Have a wonderful week you gorgeous lot !! Love Hayley x

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