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Summer Catch Up

Dear Mavens,

If you are new to the HUB massive welcome to you. These newsletters are more like a personal rambling from my heart. I kind of hope that a few of you might identify with some of my ramblings as we are all self employed women facing similar challenges and joys on this roller coaster. Sorry we haven't had a newsletter for ages, the summer holidays have been super busy. i am sure it has been the same for all of you too. I am back from a lovely holiday in the sunshine and I am pleased to report back that I actually manged to RELAX! I think knowing that was looking after things at home. Nikki offers small businesses flexible hours and she offers a huge range of services. Do check her out if you need a bit of help !! I have had lots of time to think about how I want to grow the HUB and I am so excited about the future. Sarah is currently updating our website with some fabulous new features including personal profiles where you can add all your info and discount codes etc. These will be searchable .. whoop whoop!! I will also be looking for a few collaborations as I want to be able to provide downloadable materials for you all but I will talk more about this in the FB group ... xx I am really looking forward to seeing some of you THIS FRIDAY at the BIG MEET UP, if you haven't done so already you can grab your ticket HERE. The BIG MEET UP is 10AM until 12PM, straight after we will be holding our FIRST ever PITCH CLUB!!! We would LOVE to hear your pitch if you are hoping to raise a bit of money for a new piece of equipment or a new website etc. Your pitch should be approx 60 seconds, telling us who you are and what you need the money for! Everybody attending, watching or pitching will pop £10 in a pot and then we will VOTE for our winner! This will be announced at he end of the morning !! xx Have a good week ladies xx

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